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The Draw and Leopard Boutique LLC is a custom design creative retail store that stands for family, passion, and never giving up. Our name is inspired by the strong willed nature of a leopard, and our designs are bold and unique. We are committed to our customers and offer custom designs and family support. Visit our store and learn the story behind our name and get your questions about custom designs answered.

How did we started with our boutique online? I started out making crafts as hobby turned into business for more than 4 years and counting...It was on and off but it's officially launched in April 2019 to present. I became so passion to animal print in leopard that makes me thrive overcome to many obstacles over the years. So I NAME this cute shop as BOLD. Creative. Design. Passion over Leopard!  During my free time, I spend time with family to explore to new places, check out new hikings trails, try something new in food culture, attend LCBC church, worship women's bible study group, spend time to explore new crafts (Never ending stop!) Taxis as Cheer, Boys Scout and Baseball mom. I've been to married to my husband Justin for almost 16 years over the summer. We have 4 blessings kids one of them is Angel Luke, while his twin present Jake is a survivor from Twins to Twins Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), Two boys AJ and Jake plus Sophie Ann. Also we have furbabies Bella, almost 16 years old full Deaf/Blind and Maisie is 3 years old keep us on the toes! We both look forward to offer costum and more and thank you for your support us. It really means alot!

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